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Mark Human Resource Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Specializes in providing comprehensive Human Resource consulting to the organizations in both Far and Middle East. Company's CEO Mohammad Salim Anwar, has 10 years experience in the field of manpower consulting. Our primary focus is on providing cutting edge recruitment Solutions to various business segments across diverse industries. We implement a unique system to identify and screen talented candidates with diverse professional backgrounds and skills. Our innovative Solutions are aimed at reaching out to the professionals and seeking the candidates who are pioneers in their respective roles. We help our client organizations to locate the best candidate with our modern market research approach of head hunting.
Over the years Mark Human Resource Solutions Pvt. Ltd.. Recruiters has grown into the best recruiters of manpower for the project management, construction and installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance for the oil and gas industry, manufacturing, mining, petrochemicals, tankages, buildings, infrastructures, pipelines, aluminium, steel, railways, electrical products, telecommunication, precast and ceramics industries. We cover all the project disciplines from manufacturing, civil / structural, mechanical, piping, electrical / instrumentation, process, and administrative and logistics.

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Global Reach

We are not bound with the geographical boundaries. We can select potential candidates.

Industries and Sectors

With our expertise and valuable experience we can serve every industry and sector.

Candidate Selection

Mark Human Resource Solutions Pvt. Ltd. gets at least 100,000 Resumes per year. We select the most suitable candidate for you as per your specific need.

Hiring Process

After short listing of candidates, we assist our clients with the further stages of the hiring process.

Customized Solutions

We specialize in offering flexible recruitment Solutions customized to meet specific requirements of our clients.

Database Related Services

We have a secured and confidential database and we can provide candidate contact referrals to our clients on their request.